Golden October

My youngest sun was born at the beginning of October and I cannot remember that we had any of his birthday parties inside. The last days of September and the first weeks of October are usually warm and sunny during the day and only at night the temperatures drop down to under 10°C.

When I walk the dog around 5.30 am it is very chilly and still totally dark.  An hour later, when I leave for work the sun is coming up and fog starts forming over the fields. Dew covers the grass and flowers. Later in the day the sky turns blue and the autumn colours are clear, bright and powerful. Around 6 o’clock the temperatures start falling and by 7 o’clock it is almost dark.

Sun coming up at the Stör

The 3rd of October is a public holiday (German reunification) and I took off work for a few day. One morning when I woke up early I took a walk along the river Stör, which flows not far from Hohenlockstedt.  it is only a small river, but very popular for canoeing. This morning however it was totally quiet and I could enjoy my “Golden October”.

Early morning at the Stör
Early morning at the Stör

I don’t exactly know why this period is called “Goldener Oktober”, but maybe it has something to do with the special light at this time of the year. In the mornings and evenings it is often a bit hazy, giving everything a mellow, “golden” touch.

At no other time of the year will you find that many colours and different lights as in early October. A sunny bright autumn dayThe first yellow and red leaves appear on the trees and the fruit and vegetables which are now ripe  are a feast for the eyes.  I visited my parents on Sunday and took home some goodies from their garden. The taste and aroma of home-grown apples is special and in my opinion no apple bought in a shop can measure up to it. Please note, that grapes are also growing in North Germany, proving that the weather in the North is much better than it’s reputation.  Grapes grow in North Germany, tooI am looking forward to apple cake

However, according to the weather forecast the weather will turn to cold, grey and rainy during the next days, as always when approaching mid-October. I will go back to work tomorrow, happy that I could enjoy these fabulous days out in the countryside.

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