Daily prompt: Connect the dots

by michelle w. on November 8, 2013

Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.:

 A new possibility to have some fun?

There is a small article in the local paper today: starting in November the local music club will have live music and dancing for people 40 years or older. Some local musicians have come to the conclusion that not only youngsters but also grown – ups have the need to go out every now and then.

This I have been waiting for at least ten years! S.H. and I have tried to find a place for dancing for many years. Most of our attempts to have some fun in the local area have been a failure. Once somebody organized a dance in the local ‘Gasthaus’ in a hall big enough for at least 500 people. We ended up sitting there with maybe another 30 people, totally lost in the vast hall. Another time, when we were new in the area, we went to a ‘piano bar’. We felt it was a bit strange having to ring a bell to be let in, but decided it was worth a try, maybe it was one of those chic VIP-discos? Well, it was not. It turned out to be an establishment full of pretty young ladies in very short dresses and some elderly men. The woman running the place came up to us assuring they were catering to everyone and all tastes, even couples, but believe me, we were out of that place before she had finished her sentence.

So now there are some musicians who want to get us boring old people out of their house. I will give it a try and hope to dance the night away.


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