A tattoo ….me??? No way, it wouldn’t suit me. I am not the type for that. Or am I?

I am a well-adjusted person, the kind that stays in the background. My clothes are nice, but inconspicuous, my make-up is discreet and my voice is rather low. I don’t attract much attention and that suits me fine.

Tattoos are for people like my brother, who is sure of himself and not afraid to do as he likes. Some of his tattoos are really lovely, he’s got a wolf’s face on his arm that is like a fine painting.

However, something like that  would be out of character for me.

On the other hand it, wouldn’t it be rather exciting to have a tattoo in a special place? A hidden away tattoo, one that is my secret, only to be seen by me and the ones I chose to?  One that is briefly glimpsed in the heat of July when clothes slip. A surprise, because surly nobody would expect me to have a tattoo.

Yes, the idea appeals to me. I will think about it.



12 thoughts on “Tattoo….You?

    1. Now that you mention it, it seems that I might have expressed myself wrong.I did not mean that people with a tattoo are ill adjusted, but that I am the kind of person that is hardly ever daring anything.

      1. This is what I assumed that you wanted to say, but the choice of phrase did appear to imply something else. No worries. Thank you for getting back to me on this.

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