Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

Well, what is honest? Shall I honestly tell you how I feel about North Germany? Maybe it is better, if I do not, because it can happen that I feel differently about it on another day. Will what I have written then,  be a lie?

The truth is, that North Germany is flat in most places. There are some areas where people joke that you can already see in the morning who is on his way to visit you in the afternoon. There are other places where it is a little bit hilly. There is the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, there are areas with big forests, and there is the heath. There is the River Elbe and there are many small rivers. But there is no spectacular nature as you will find in Norway, or Scotland or Canada or in many other places on this earth. You have to develop an eye for details and  find joy in small things in order to find North Germany interesting or beautiful.

But is that really the truth? Actually, it is only my opinion. When I visited some friends in South Germany not so long ago, I met a woman who insisted that she found the German North Sea Coast to be the most beautiful spot on earth.

The North Sea near Friedrichskoog in December at low tide
The North Sea near Friedrichskoog in December at low tide
Just outside our village
Just outside our village

Truth is often opinionated. We should be aware  that often we can only voice our own subjective  view, and be very careful when we feel we are proclaiming the truth. If viewed from another angle what we claim to be the truth might appear as the opposite.

We should say what is on our mind, but be careful not to hurt others unnecessarily (I don’t have to tell my neighbour that I think his garden is boring, do I?)

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