Daily prompt: Because the night…


I love the morning on weekends.

Mornings during the week are a different matter. The shrill ringing of my alarm clock, followed five minutes later by the insistent buzzing of my mobile’s alarm will tear me away from some dream. I am one of these people who have very colorful and pleasant dreams. Sometimes they are like a film and I am reluctant to wake up because I want to know how the story ends. Therefore I put on the alarm half an hour earlier than necessary. That way I can carry on snoozing until I am ready to face the world.

The first thing I do in the morning (after the unavoidable things like going to the bathroom and brushing my teeth) is grabbing the leash and taking the dog on a walk. After the first five minutes which feel more like sleepwalking I am wide awake and happy to be alive. Especially now in spring I like being  up and about around 5.30.

After a quick coffee I have to leave home to drive to work. 12 hours later I return and the first thing I do after getting out of the car and doing the unavoidable (like going to the bathroom and giving my partner a peck on the cheek) is walking the dog again. Afterwards it’s fixing dinner, eating and soon after I am ready to go to bed. Most evenings I am too tired than to do more than read a few pages, ring a friend or watch a film. I hate myself for having become one of these boring people who fall asleep on the sofa, but that’s the way I am these days. I use the night for sleeping. The times when I stayed up until early morning, drinking red wine, smoking cigarettes and having endless discussions about anything and everything are long gone.

Weekends are a different matter. I wake up when I am ready to do so and that is still early enough. After walking the dog I fix myself a big pot of coffee and start working on my blogs. Some of these mornings I start reading the paper or have endless phone conversations with my friends. There is no rush. No place I have to go to!  I love these weekend mornings and if they turn out rainy and cold these morning can easily stretch into the afternoon before I am ready to think of such mundane things as doing housework or shopping. Weekend mornings – they are the best part of the week for me!




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