1 day – 1 world project: Saturday ,24th of May, 3:00 pm –

Sometimes I find Saturdays frustrating. When coming home Friday evenings I am usually in a cheerful weekend-mood. All I want to do is fix a nice dinner, walk the dog and then RELAX, I don’t want to be bothered with shopping, washing or cleaning up. Unfortunately, that leaves only Saturday to do these things.

As I like taking things slow on the weekends it is usually after 11:00 am until I  drag myself away from the computer screen or newspaper and start  cleaning the house. That is followed by a trip to the local supermarket or by driving to Itzehoe to go to the hairdresser or buy things I can not find here.  Saturday is also the day for mowing the lawn, washing the car and doing garden work. On Sundays it is a taboo to do noisy things in the garden (just like during ‘Mittagsruhe’ on other days) and the shops are closed.

I am commuting, leaving the house at 07.00 am  and returning home sometime between 06.30 and 07.30 pm. On the way back I often stop at the supermarket for fresh fruit, bread  or vegetables. Coming home I walk the dog, fix dinner and by 9:00 pm I feel ready to drop. I sometimes wonder  how I managed to do that as well as all that extra shopping, cleaning, cooking and washing and picking up kids at various places, when the boys were still living at home. There is also a man in my life who now and then wants  attention and some praise for taking the cars to the garage, doing the more heavy work in the garden, filling and emptying the dishwasher, doing the vacuum cleaning, remembering to take out the trash and fixing things around the house. Why there are still so many chores that need to be done at the weekends  I simply don’t understand!

Anyway, last Saturday it was 03.15 when I drove past the supermarket and 03.18 when I  parked the car on a small lane and started on a walk with the dog. I decided to do something I really enjoy before starting on the shopping. Believe me, I felt very relaxed after some exercise and still managed to get both the shopping and the laundry done that day.


4 thoughts on “1 day – 1 world project: Saturday ,24th of May, 3:00 pm –

  1. Gosh you are busy! I remember weekends like that when I was working and had children at home, never any ‘Me’ time. Now I am retired and there is no set time for household chores, they get done when I feel like it, which is not often! I am glad you found a little time to relax and share your day with us 🙂
    Jude xx

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jude. I am a very lazy person when it comes to household chores and unexpected visitors will find dishes in the sink and some cobwebs on the ceiling anytime. But then, life is not about cleaning up and working alone, is it. Relationships need time to, also the relationship one has with oneself 🙂
      Have a nice Sunday and thanks for looking by!

      1. Cobwebs! My house is full of cobwebs – some of the ceilings are so high I can’t even reach the damn things! And I am forever finding daddy-long-legs in the house!

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