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7 reasons, why life in North Germany is good


Every now and then, the small place in Schleswig Holstein where I live,seems a bit boring and unexciting. When I look at fotos or read about exciting cities like New York or Sidney, or far away countries like South Africa or Canada, life here seems unspectacular. But,  in order to have a happy life it is important to focus on the good things that are given to you, rather than on the ones that are out of reach.

So, here are some of the reasons why Schleswig-Holstein, the most northern German federal state, is a great place to live in:

  • On hot summer days you can choose whether you want a bath in the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, both are just about an hours drive away.

Summer at the Baltic coast  near Kiel

North Sea coast at Friedrichskoog in Winter

North Sea coast at Friedrichskoog in Winter

  • There are plenty of elegant castles and manor houses in North Germany, too, even though for the fairy tale castles you will have to go further South.
Castle in Plön

Castle in Plön

Castle in Eutin

Castle in Eutin









  • Between April and October you will find a fleamarket, a fair or festival within 40 kilometers of where you live any time. On Saturday there will be a wine festival with bands playing in the streets and wine being sold at every corner in Itzehoe. There are even free busses to make sure people don’t drive drunk.
Flower festival in Kellinghusen

Flower festival in Kellinghusen

  • There are some very beautiful and interesting towns in North Germany, like Lübeck, Wismar, Rostock, Schleswig and of course, Hamburg and  if you are staying in or near one of them you can reach the others within one to two hours.
  • You don’t need to be terribly fit to enjoy exercising outside: North Germany is flat and there are a lot of bicycle paths and small lanes where you can cycle or go on inline skates without any hills or mountains to struggle with.
  • P1020045
  • If you like to get a good look at ships you can always take a trip to the Kiel Canal and watch them sailing past just a few meters away from you. Sometimes you are lucky as we were just a few weeks ago and see a special ship, This very luxerious yacht had just left the shipyard Blohm & Voss and was on its first trip. It was escorted by a helicopter and we were all wondering who that ship belongs to.

So elegant

  • People trust each other: on many roads you will find small stalls where you can buy fresh potatoes, flowers eggs or vegetables fresh from the farm, you pay by putting the money into a box or into the letterbox, P1020071P1020073






There are some other things that make life her good: the air is usually fresh and crisp, as you are close to the sea. It is not as crowded as in some other parts of Germany, life is relaxed, people are friendly and unpretentious,and there are many more small places all over that I will show you.

This article was written for the ‘Daily prompt’:

11 thoughts on “7 reasons, why life in North Germany is good

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  2. It sounds really good. I am from the south and only have been in Luebeck and Hamburg for a day once… long time ago. I looks really lovely !

    • I think daily life in North Germany is not so different from life in other parts of Germany. I have lived in Bavaria for a few years and there were differences in the food, architecture, certain customs and of course in the dialect and landscape. I like the South of Germany a lot.

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  4. Hi. I admire your quest to find beauty and interest in the here and now and showcasing your local area to the wider world. I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Should you wish to accept it and spreand the ‘blog love’ further, the details are on my blog right here: Keep it up!

    • Hi, thank you so much for the award. I will answer the questions and tell about myself during the next days and of course I will pass it on.
      I feel very happy that you chose my blog for it!
      Wish you a nice week!

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  6. I love the photographs of the stately homes. Beautiful architecture. How amazing to live near two types of sea. I enjoyed your post.

  7. Big cities are overrated – nice for a visit, but think of all the crowds! Where you live sounds delightful, and only an hour to a beach! Thanks for introducing me to your area.
    Jude xx

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