1 day 1 world project : double feature

I have been very, very busy both with my job and various other matters and have neglected my blogs. I even missed writing about what I did at 4 pm on the last Saturday in May.


Our sidewalk ends at the tree, but there are 2 more sidewalks, as we have a corner prpertyAs I have mentioned before, Saturday is my day for doing all the chores both in and outside the house. On that particular Saturday I cleaned the sidewalk in our street. In our community it is a rule that every houseowner is responsible for keeping both the sidewalk and the gutter outside one’s house clean. It is not a nice job to do, cars passing by close to you, whirling up sand. It was around 4 pm that I was finished with that job and  felt I had done enough for the day. I took a shower and sat down on the terrace reading

Our sidewalk ends at the tree, but there is another long sidewalk to clean as we have a corner property. Saturday, 7th of June, 5 pm.

Saturday, 7th of June, 5 pm. 

Now, last Saturday was different.  I spent that day in Lüneburg, the town I grew up in. My son who had passed an exam just the day before invited both me and his grandmother for a late lunch and we spent some nice hours in a shady garden restaurant. It was shortly before 5 pm when we started walking back to my parent’s home.We passed the old townhall just 3 minutes before 5 pm and carried on through   the pedestrian zone which was still very busy.  Shortly after 5 we passed a place, called ‘Am Sande’, where you can see some of the  olthe gables Lüneburg is famous for. They date back from the 14th to 16th century.

We passed some very idyllic looking old streets and the Michaeliskirche. You can see it’s tower on the foto. My parents were married in that church  and both my brother and I were christened and confirmed there.

Lüneburg - old townhall


Lüneburg - Shopping on Saturday afternoon


Lüneburg - Am Sande

Typical street in the old part of Lüneburg

Michaeliskirche in Lüneburg

I am sorry about the fotos being a bit crooked. I am from one of these families that don’t take fotos. My son was teasing me all the time for being such a “paparazzi” and at the same time my handbag kept sliding off my shoulder and the dog was pulling on its leash.

1 Day 1 World Project: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm


9 thoughts on “1 day 1 world project : double feature

    1. Thanks! I have difficulties finding the pages of the other ones participating in the project. Is there a list or something? I would very much like to read what others are doing at each particular time.

      1. Trina, some participants include links in their comments and others link through ping backs. If you click on the ping back threads in the comment section of each post that should bring you directly to the posts taking place in each hour. I hope this helps!

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