North German Impressions: Kellinghusen

Kellinghusen is a tiny town, only a few kilometers away from where I live. I like it  because the old streets and buildings, even on a cold day in early spring seem cozy and idyllic to me.

Kellinghusen's spring messenger
Kellinghusen’s spring messenger










Small street in Kellinghusen
Small street in Kellinghusen

By coincidentI ended  up at the old cemetry and found this old gravestone. he inscription says, that Jürgen Hansen who became known as the trumpeter of Eckernförde fought in the battle of Eckernförde on the 5th of April 1848 where, wounded himself he played the Schleswig-Holstein anthem.


Cemetry in Kellinghusen
Cemetry in Kellinghusen
The trumpeter of Eckernförde
The trumpeter of Eckernförde










At home I looked up his name and found out  that the anthem he played had been composed just the year before, as a protest against Denmark. At Eckernförde it looked as if the Germans were losing and that it was his playing the anthem that lifted up the spirits of the already dishearted soldiers,so that they managed to raise up once more and to win that battle. Jürgen Hansen never fully recovered from his injuries but nevertheless managed to build up his own business as a road constructor in Kellinghusen. His family is keeping his graveside as a memory to him.

Quite honstly, I knew that part of Schleswig-Holstein had been under Danish rule but my knowledge of local history is superficial. At that time Germany was a conferderation of about 36 different dukedoms, principalities, counties and free cities. Due to marriages and inheritances  dukedoms and counties seemed to change their ownership all the time, which is how Schleswig – Holstein ended up Danish at one time and German at another and I find it hard to keep an overview.




2 thoughts on “North German Impressions: Kellinghusen

  1. I have just discovered your blog! I have visited Kellinghusen several times. My daughter and her partner live there. It’s a lovely place! She loves to go running and walking, so she has shown me how to go on the paths around the area.

    1. Hi Annie, thanks for visiting my blog and following it. It is interesting to know that you have a daughter in Kellinghusen. It is a lovely place. Now I am living 130 km south of Kellinghusen and now and then miss it. I moved back to the town I came from and we are renovating my parent’s house. Therefore I am blogging rarely at the moment but hope to be more active again, soon. Best regards, Trina

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