A visit to the hairdresser

During the last two months I have completely neglected blogging.


Well, I felt a bit out of order. The job was more demanding than usual, and at the weekends I felt listless and pooped. To make things worse I hurt my right shoulder and for some weeks had difficulties using my  arm properly. Working at the computer simply hurt.

Have you ever noticed how, when feeling low, your own negativity seems to attract unpleasant people and experiences?

The pains in my shoulder had caused some sleepless nights and one Saturday morning, when I felt at my lowest I decided it was time to get out of that rut and do something nice to make me feel better. I decided to go to the hairdresser. I might not feel good but at least I could try to look good!

Hairdresser in Itzehoe

I went to my favorite hairdresser in the nearest town, Itzehoe,. The woman that approached me was maybe in her late twenties, skinny, her black hair cut like Cher’s. She didn’t smile but asked in a rather impolite way: “What do you want done?”

I explained my ideas, nothing very elaborate, just cutting it a bit shorter in a way that would get a bit more “movement” in my hair, because I had difficulties getting the bob I had look the right way, when blow-drying it myself.

“You don’t have a bob”, she said, “and you shouldn’t have one. They are difficult to blow-dry the right way.”

Deciding to ignore her rude tone I replied, “Oh, I thought this was a bob. What do you call this hairstyle then?

“This is a page-boy cut”, she said, and the way she said it sounded somehow scornful. , “Anyway, I don’t think you should cut your hair. The way it is, I don’t know what to do with it. When did you cut it last?”

“Two months ago”, I informed her.

“No, I think you should let it grow some more”, she decided and started undoing the cape she had placed around my shoulders earlier. I asked her to at least cut the fringe, as it was falling into my eyes. Before I could say any more, she took her scissors and within a few a seconds cut off the hairs until what was left was standing up straight.

Looking into the mirror I felt appalled, humiliated and totally defenseless. So instead of complaining I left that place as quickly as possible promising myself never ever under any circumstances to return to this house of horrors.

I don’t know why this woman took such a dislike to me, but I guess it had something to do with feeling low myself. Somehow people looking out to hurt others seems to sense with whom they can play their games and get away with them, too.

Anyway, my conclusion is never go to the hairdresser when your self-esteem is low.

And yes, I am feeling better now, will continue blogging and I have got a very nice new haircut, much shorter than before. The hairdresser was very nice and gave me one of the best massages of my head I ever had.

6 thoughts on “A visit to the hairdresser

    1. I was shocked and didn’t know what to say… just tried to get out of there as quick as possible. I must have triggered sth. in that person, most likely a very disturbed young woman. I doubt she will keep her job for long.

  1. You poor thing! I had a quite bad experience at a hairdresser’s a few months ago, but even though I left the place almost in tears, yours sounds worse. Glad you managed to get it fixed!

  2. What a strange hairdresser, her own enemy.obviously she did not make money out of you. Never go back there but somewhere where they value you and your wishes.

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