North German Impressions – Albersdorf

One of the merits of my job is having to visit clients that live too far away from Hamburg to make it to our institution on their own.

Yesterday my job took me to Albersdorf, a  small place with about 3500 inhabitants and famous for  it’s  many burial mounds from the Stone and Bronze Age. It is about 70 kilometers north-west of Hamburg and close to the North Sea.

After seing my client I took a walk through a nearby wood and came across this observation tower. It was build in 1930 on a burial mound, called “Kaiserberg”.  Climbing up the 105 steps was a challenge, it was impossible not to look down. i felt a bit  squeezy standing up there, so I came back with only one foto to give you an idea what the area looks like. I will try to do better next time, because I decided that i want to check out their archeological center when I am there next time.




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