Writing101: write a list

Write a list??!!! There are already too many lists in my life.

Being slightly obsessive I have got lists for anything and everything:

  • what I want to do during the weekend
  • what I want to have achieved on my next birthday
  • which habits I should kick in order to stop gaining weights
  • which habits I should develop in order to start losing weight
  • how to spend my money
  • what I need to do in the house
  • what needs to be done in the garden
  • whom I should contact
  • what I shouldn’t forget
  • what I should remember
  • which books I want to read
  • which films I want to watch
  • which places I want to visit
  • etc. etc. and not to mention all the lists I keep at work.

So, there you have it: I like writing lists. I am doing it constantly. Each new list is full of promises of a life being perfected.

But so far I never ever  could cross off all the items on a list. Most of the things I wanted to plant in the garden I haven’t planted. I have neither gained nor lost a gram during the last year, I am just adding new titles to my book list and I still haven’t been in Tokyo.

So, this is what I have learned: no matter how many lists you write, don’t expect to cross off all the items on that list. There will always be something I forget, don’t get around to or simply can’t afford.

If I should ever manage to work off all the items on my lists, then I will live in the cleanest and  best organized household in Germany, have the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood,serve the most delicious food, never overdraw my account,  lead an always healthy, happy life, full of interesting, inspiring and enriching activities, keep in touch with most of the world, be the most attentive mother, friend, daughter, partner, neighbor, employee, succeed in anything I do and travel all over the world, and I will be the best read and most informed person walking the planet.

Should I really wish for that? No, I don’t think so. It wouldn’t leave me enough time to compile my daily, weekly, monthly, New Year’s resolution lists and that I would truly miss.

7 thoughts on “Writing101: write a list

    1. True! I love starting new lists and with each list I have a vision of having the perfect holiday, get a grip on all the household chores etc. But still, these lists are like a compass, they show me the direction in which I want to head: 🙂

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