Catching up with last week: T like Tönning

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This is the last letter for the week and I am glad to have caught up with you all. I hope you are not tired having to look at yet another small place in North Germany.

This time I will take you to Tönning. Remember, with the letter ‘E’ I showed you the Eidersperrwerk, and when you go inland from there you will find Tönning, a small town with a nice harbour at the mouth of the river Eider.

These days Tönning is just another small place at the North Sea, trying to survive on tourism. It is nice to spend an afternoon at the harbour, having a coffee or a meal at one of the nice restaurants and cafés, watching people pass.

At one time Tönning had a shipyard and  was quite lively and known in the North. These days are over, but I included some pictures of signs I found on my walk through Tönning.

You will also find a picture showing you the floodgates that will close when the storms are pressing the waters inland.

North German Impressions: Schleswig

Blogging from A – Z

Schleswig is about 60 km north of where we live. Every now and then we like taking a trip there. Schleswig is close to the sea and fishermen had their own community. I love that quarter, the small houses, many of them with access to the river Schlei are very picturesque. There is more to Schleswig, of course, but that I will show you another time. Here is the old fishing village within the city of Schleswig:


Blogging from A – Z

As I have mentioned before my partner is Norwegian. He grew up on a small island called Runde. Runde is famous for its bird rocks. In winter there are about 100 people living on the island, in summer there is a steady stream of tourists. Some of them, especially Germans, stay for weeks or even months, others stay just long enough to have a trip up the mountain and make some photos of the birds. Most people take a boat trip around the island, which is a lot of fun. The skipper is able to take the boat very close to the rocks so you can look inside the caves.

There is only a small kiosk on the camping place; food shopping is done in the next town Fosnavaag, about 15 km away. There is a bridge connecting Runde to the next island, you will see it on one of the photos below.

Walking up on the mountain you will meet skuas, and they can be very aggressive when you walk to close to one of their nests. The most popular bird however is the puffin, and I have added a photo of one made by my partner.

Most years we spend a few weeks on Runde, and I have come to love that island and its people a lot. One of my favorite places are the old boathouses near the harbor, I feel they have a very special charm.

If you should ever visit Norway, I recommend a stop on Runde. I am only giving you a small glimpse, but if you should follow this blog you will see more of Runde and Norway.