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I really am not interested in cars. For me they are a means to get from one place to the other and I do not give much thought to them. This has led to many arguments with my partner who really is into cars. The one he drives he looks after as I wish he would look after me. He listens to every sound the car makes and if there seems to be something wrong he will act immediately.

Since he is also looking after my car, which would most likely be in a terrible state if he didn’t wash and polish it regularly, I don’t mind too much. Over the years I have even learned some things about cars and gone to some oldtimer meetings.

My partner has no problem parting with his cars in order to find a more interesting one to fix , keep and sell,  and I am glad that doesn’t apply to his relationships. However,  on a walk with the dog I came across a car owner who must have had difficulties getting rid of his old car and turned it into a piece of art instead. Have a look:


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