Dear Diary

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Dear Diary,

what would I be without you? I first met you when I was eleven years old. You were a small blue book with a lock and a tiny little key which I carried on a necklace.

I described each day, telling you about school and family events. No matter how dull my words, you were listening patiently. It wasn’t long until you became my confidant. From then on you knew every detail about me: my dreams and my  disappointments, my difficulties, my desieres and decisions to be made. Until today I am discussing every thing with you, even my darkest moments.

For decades now you have followed my development. Turning from a child into a teenager into a woman into a mother into a divorcee into a hopefully decent matron. Just like me, you have changed your appearance.  During the last years you have been hiding on my computer while in the old days you  dutifully waited for me under my mattress, changing your cover from red to blue to black.

I haven’t always treated you well. Once, when I thought I was about to start a new life I threw you into a dumpster, regretting it the very next day and being desolate when it wasn’t possible to retrieve you. These parts of you I still miss, but you have grown again in volume and until this day you are my very best friend. Thank you for that!


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