What North Germans like to eat: Fischbrötchen

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I don’t know an English word for my favorite snack: Fischbrötchen. In North Germany you will find stalls selling rolls (Brötchen) with  freshly fried, smoked or salted fish at any market, at the beach or in fish shops.

A fresh, crisp roll, a salad leaf, perhaps a bit of tartar sauce or mayonaise, heaps of mild onions, pickles,  and fresh fish – simply delicious and hardly any cholesterol (that matters as you get older, unfortunately). A great alternative to the famous German Bratwurst.


My favorite Fischbrötchen is Matjesbrötchen, which you can see below. Matjes are the fillet of  herings, which have been salted in barrels over a time. The real Matjes, which you will get in late May/June are of herings that have not yet spawned. They are sort of melting in your mouth. Just imagine: sitting in the sun, inhaling sea air and biting into your Fischbrötchen – bliss!



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