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October is my favorite month.

What I love about October?

The colours and the abundance, the smell and the light and all the beauty you can find both in the garden and outside. Most years the first half of it is still sunny and warm during the day and perfect for hiking and preparing the garden for winter. I love the mist early in the morning, the dew caught in the spiderwebs and all the fresh local vegetables and fruit you will now find on the markets.  In the second half of October the weather changes, there can be heavy storms and lots of rain, and I enjoy Sunday afternoons snuggled up on the sofa, reading, looking outside and feeling cozy and grateful for having a home. Life becomes a bit slower in the second half of October, winter is not far  and the days spend mainly outside will be rarer. Being basically more an introvert than an extrovert I am looking forward to days of reading, painting and writing.

Here are some impressions from October in North Germany:



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