It’s been a while

…. since I have posted anything here. I felt a bit bad about not finishig the A – Z challenge and running out of ideas for topics connected to North Germany.

Today I would like to take you on a walk through an old quarter of Lüneburg. The old streets I am showing you are around the St. Michaelis church. I was christened and confirmed there, just like my father. My parents got married in that church.

When I grew up in Lüneburg this “Altstadt” was pretty much run down. It was a place for poor, rough people to live and there were some quite seedy pubs as well as a cinema that showed films for grown-ups. I remember stopping there on my way to my rollerskate-training, as one could buy icecream for 10 Pfennig at the box office .

In some of the streets there wasn’t even plumbing in the houses. Twice a week a truck would come and some men would carry out some big, evil smelling buckets  and empty them  into a big container . I remember that a schoolmate of mine lived in one of these houses and cruel as children are we teased him about their loo all the time.

Now, enough talking. Have a look what the area around the church looks like today:

There are many interesting details when looking closer at the houses
Following this street you will come to the city center with its impressive patrician houses
It is quiet in these streets on a Sunday morning
Little back garden
St. Michaelis seen from the back side
Street from which the backside of the church was photographed
Walking through this street it is not far to the library
Street across the church.

5 thoughts on “It’s been a while

    1. Yes, it is. These streets are often seen on TV, as some Telenovela is made in Lüneburg and you will have many tourists glancing into your windows. Have a lovely day!

  1. Hi Trina59,
    Thanks for visiting my Kleinkram site, I’m very honored. You have some very interesting and touching blog sites yourself. I love them all, looking forward to reading more.
    Ich kenne Lüneburg aus den 60gern und 70gern Jahren, inzwischen ist sie zur Großstadt gewachsen.
    Herzlichen Gruß,

    1. Wer weiß, vielleicht sind wir uns dann einmal begegnet. Ich bin in Lüneburg geboren und aufgewachsen und habe dort bis 1979 gelebt. Thank you for visiting my blogs, I am very impressed with your ability to write prose in German! I hope we will read more of/about each other. Have a lovely weekend! Herzliche Grüße, Trina

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