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For weeks I have meant to join this challenge, but being busy with my job, the restoration of our house, being a grandmother for the first time and other family obligations, time to actually write something let alone make decent photos has been rare.

Here are the questions for this week:

If you had to move to a country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why? 
What color would you like your bedroom to be?
What makes you Happy? Make a list of things in your life that bring you joy.
What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  

My partner is Norwegian. So it is likely that we would move to Norway if we didn’t like living in Germany anymore. I like Norway’s nature and the possibility of taking long walks in the mountains or going on fishing trips. I like the sea, also when it is rough. Norwegian people are friendly and easy going, the lifestyle is relaxed and Norwegian homes are usually very, very cozy. But still, since I have spent my holidays there for the past 17 years I would prefer  another country, something new to discover,  Canada or Australia and perhaps New Zealand. I also like the East coast of the United States and have heard that it is beautiful on the West Coast.  Canada I imagine to be a mixture of US and European culture, Australia appears to be relaxed, lively and a big melting pot. New Zealand impresses me with it’s variety in nature, and the US I have always found fascinating.

Sea – houses in Norway:


No matter where I live, I like my bedroom to be cozy. I prefer light colors, a light green for example with some beige and light wooden furniture and of course, a wooden floor.  Snuggling in bed after a busy day, a good thriller waiting to be read on the nightstand, the dog already deep asleep and snoring in its corner gives me a feeling of peace  and happiness.

The morning walk with the dog, very early in the morning, most windows still dark, coming home, having a steaming hot coffee are two more good moments of the day. The smell of a cinnamon and vanilla when an apple crumble is baking,  cuddling my little granddaughter, walking through all the colorful leaves in the streets, having a long chat with my friend are some more things that make my life rich and happy. Painting, gardening, working on something that interests me are other moments of happiness and contentment. Walking on the beach, hiking in the mountains, swimming in a lake, physical activities feel good as does watching a good film or having a heated, but stimulating  discussion. Life is full of good moments, and as the years go by, the appreciation of all the good things life is offering grows.

P1060111.JPG It might sound stupid, but I came across a program on TV, where people were buying rather unattractive houses and turning them into really beautiful homes. I usually don’t watch that kind of stuff, but for once I got really caught up in it and it gave me lots of new motivation to carry on with the restoring of our house. It’s been dragging on for so long that now and then I feel really tired and afraid that it will never be finished.





Blogging from A – Z

Soon after moving to the countryside with my then new partner and my kids I had some rather difficult years.  Life didn’t turn out as I had expected and for a while I felt trapped in a life I hadn’t wanted and my thinking and feeling were focused on everything that had gone wrong or was not as I wanted it. I was hurting myself with this attitude.

It took me a while to understand that self-pity was not helping me to feel better or to adjust to circumstances I couldn’t change. But slowly I began to focus my mind on things that were good. My boys were developing fine, even though they didn’t like living in the countryside. There was no need to feel guilty all the time about dragging them out here! I had a partner I could rely on and who had been able to take my mood swings. I was living in a nice house and had a lovely garden. Within a few minutes I could take a walk through the woods and enjoy nature. I had not many, but some very good friends. I had a family, I was not alone, and I had a job I really loved.

Things haven’t really changed since I got into that crisis, but I have learned to develop a positive attitude towards life by focusing on the positive aspects of every situation and trying to find ways to make the best out of not so good ones.  Take commuting for example. It is not nice to drive two hours each way to get to work. Not, because it is that far to Hamburg, but because of traffic jams. I have learned to use the time during a standstill to fix my nails, practice deep breathing, and listen to good music. In the evening I ring friends and family (I got hands-free in the car), and thus keep in touch with everyone.

It is up to each and every one to decide whether they want to focus on the negative or the positive. Developing an attitude of positivity doesn’t mean to suppress negative feelings or to deny problems and bad things. It means accepting the negative but instead of dwelling on it deliberately focusing the mind on the positive aspects. If there are no positive aspects to be found a positive attitude can be having faith or trust in life that something positive will arise from the negative:  insights, inner growth or something positive that we cannot foresee right now.

 I have chosen positivity and since I have started practicing it I have become happier every day and grateful for all the gifts life has given me. I know that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel and that even when everything looks bleak, like the frozen ground in winter, there is something good and positive growing, showing itself when the time is right.



Book review: ‘Violations of Causality’ by Herb Guggenheim


51y1-3pkLiL._SX345_BO1,204,203,200_Usually I don’t do book reviews and I promise you that it will remain an exception on this blog, but the author is an old  friend of mine and I like what he has written.

I read the book in one afternoon, and I will read it again. And most likely a third time, still.  While reading I was smiling, laughing, grinning and now and then frowning. A murder occurs, but there is more to the story than just one mystery to be solved. There is Skip, a  a rather self-centered and awkward person, yearning to be recocgnised as an artist. He is also insecure, creative and gifted and not prepared to make a choice. There is his girlfriend Gudrun, whom he hangs on to even though he is not very attracted to her. She  personifies logic and reason, and while Skip enjoys her company he is drawn to to another woman, fun loving, dominant and erotic.

The novel will give you some insight into academic life and contraception methods in the 80ies and just when you think there will be no more surprises you will be drawn into science (fiction) and phantasy.

The end is touching and conciliatory and somehow very down to earth.

So, you will neither find a typical crime story, nor a thriller, but you will find a story with depth and humor. Herb’s language is precise and to the point, each word carefully chosen and delightful to read. If you have some spare time I recommend giving it a try, and if you like what you read, then you might also enjoy Herb’s poems, but that is a different matter.