A small town at the bank of the river Elbe

Lauenburg is not far from my hometown and we like taking a trip to the old part of it to look at the river Elbe.

Houses in the lower part of Lauenburg

Lauenburg has a lower part, mainly one long row of old houses with interesting entrances and some shops with arts and crafts.

Walking up one of the little backstreets, one reaches the upper part of Lauenburg. 900 years ago there was a castle above the river. The watchtower dating back to the 15th century is a reminder of that time. It was used as jail and a lookout. Later a residence replaced the castle and these days it is integrated into everyday life in Lauenburg.

Impressions of winter

Winters in North Germany are usually wet, grey and mild. Snow is rare and leads to chaos on the roads and big headlines in the local papers. However, every now and then the beautiful side of winter becomes visible here, too.

After a long period of temperatures around 8°C we got frost and a sprinkling of snowflakes. When I took the dog out this morning I admired how frost turned ordinary bushes into beautiful creations: