Spring in North Germany: the white stork

Spring has come early this year and the first storks were seen at the end of February already. We took a trip through the country side yesterday and were lucky to find one standing on it’s nest in one of the villages around.

White storks are very much loved in (North-)Germany. It  is a sign of good luck and fertility when a stork decides to build a nest on the gables. Many farmers build a  with a high pole with a small platform on top to make it possible for a stork to breed.










The legend says that it is the stork bringing the babies, and when I was very small  I was told by my grandparents to  put sugar on the window-sill. The stork would find it and reward me with a baby brother or sister. Also, when  someone gets married in the countryside, people often place a plastic stork on their roof to wish the young couple good luck with having children.