Anfang: Beidenfleth

Blogging from A – Z

I just stumbled upon the A – Z challenge when visiting one of the blogs I follow and decided that this is a great opportunity to get back into blogging. Due to work challenges and some personal matters I haven’t been blogging for far too long. This is my first challenge, so please, be patient with me!

Well, this is a personal blog about life in North Germany, therefore during this challenge I will try to find something relating to North Germany or my everyday life.

I missed the first day and the letter A.

Thinking about the letter A the word “Anfang” came into my mind. ‘Anfang’ in German means beginning, and here we have the letter B and my first day in the challenge.

Those who have followed this blog know that my partner and I like to go on Sunday trips exploring small country roads.  Late April last year one of those trips took us to the tiny village “Beidenfleth” where we had to cross the river Stör in order to continue our trip.

Have a look at the ferry place of Beidenfleth. Isn’t it a nice place to stop for a cup of coffee and cake in the Gasthaus there?