A new look

I have had this blog for about a year now. After finishing the 1 day – 1 world project I feel it is about time to go back to what I originally had intended with this blog: taking you with me on our Sunday trips exploring the area, sharing my thoughts on life in North Germany and some of my memories , talk about daily life, customs and traditions.

Now and then, when I have plenty of leisure, I like to participate in writing prompts. And since it also happens that I am empty of ideas of what to tell you about North Germany I will once in a while show you some impressions of Norway.

Sharing my life with a Norwegian I have been spending most of my vacations in that lovely country and consider it  a second home.  It is the place I like to be when I need to charge my batteries.

When there is something changing within me, I usually change my look: different style of clothes, a new haircut, more make-up or none at all. I felt it would be nice to do this with my blog, and hope the results are pleasing to the eye.