This morning when I walked the dog


P1060551 We found her during a difficult time in our lives in November 2005. My sons were having difficulties adjusting to living far away from Hamburg, they were unhappy and bored,  my partner was struggling with health problemsthat made it impossible for him to continue with his business and I felt guilty about dragging my sons away from Hamburg and for not being able to spend enough time with all of them as my job and commuting took most of the day.

Laika brought sunshine into our lives. She was a very lively puppy and the boys loved playing football with her. We started taking long walks in the countryside which brought us all closer together again. We loved watching her run after a ball and digging up mice and while striding along we talked about things on our minds.

She is now 12 years old. The boys have left home and my partner is not able to accompany me on long walks any more. It is just her and me going on walks  and she likes to take it a bit slow these days. 

I think we are both happy with our move to Lüneburg. For her there  are a lot of new streets and places that smell interesting and there are plenty of dogs to meet and greet. I find inspirtation walking the old streets and exploring the new parts of the town and I see many things I like.  

This morning when I walked the dog I came across this nice apricot colored house and P1060579_thumb.jpgI looked twice when I saw its entrance. P1060574They remind me of the figureheads of old sailing vessels, and made me smile. It’s amazing what effect a little bit of paint can have on a simple old doorbell, isn’t it?


The two ladies in the window next door observe the surprised faces with amusement.

Daily prompt: Because the night…


I love the morning on weekends.

Mornings during the week are a different matter. The shrill ringing of my alarm clock, followed five minutes later by the insistent buzzing of my mobile’s alarm will tear me away from some dream. I am one of these people who have very colorful and pleasant dreams. Sometimes they are like a film and I am reluctant to wake up because I want to know how the story ends. Therefore I put on the alarm half an hour earlier than necessary. That way I can carry on snoozing until I am ready to face the world.

The first thing I do in the morning (after the unavoidable things like going to the bathroom and brushing my teeth) is grabbing the leash and taking the dog on a walk. After the first five minutes which feel more like sleepwalking I am wide awake and happy to be alive. Especially now in spring I like being  up and about around 5.30.

After a quick coffee I have to leave home to drive to work. 12 hours later I return and the first thing I do after getting out of the car and doing the unavoidable (like going to the bathroom and giving my partner a peck on the cheek) is walking the dog again. Afterwards it’s fixing dinner, eating and soon after I am ready to go to bed. Most evenings I am too tired than to do more than read a few pages, ring a friend or watch a film. I hate myself for having become one of these boring people who fall asleep on the sofa, but that’s the way I am these days. I use the night for sleeping. The times when I stayed up until early morning, drinking red wine, smoking cigarettes and having endless discussions about anything and everything are long gone.

Weekends are a different matter. I wake up when I am ready to do so and that is still early enough. After walking the dog I fix myself a big pot of coffee and start working on my blogs. Some of these mornings I start reading the paper or have endless phone conversations with my friends. There is no rush. No place I have to go to!  I love these weekend mornings and if they turn out rainy and cold these morning can easily stretch into the afternoon before I am ready to think of such mundane things as doing housework or shopping. Weekend mornings – they are the best part of the week for me!