North German impressions

Sunset at the Hamburg harbour, taken near the fishmarket just two weeks ago



If you would like to see more photos of Hamburg, you should have a look at this blog:

This person is posting new photos almost every day,  and even though I consider myself knowing Hamburg well, he is often  surprising  me with unusual aspects and angles of the city and it’s people.

Being late for work: 09:00 til 10:00 am

Traffic has been terrible since the summer holidays ended. This time of the year I should the very latest leave for work at 07.00 am to make sure I am in the office before 09.00 am. BUT….nearly each day I have an excuse for being late: the dog needed longer on it’s walk than usual, I just couldnt find the shirt I wanted to wear, I needed a second cup of coffee to wake up, there seemed to be so much time, and then, all of a sudden it was nearly 07.30 and I left the house in a rush. Truth is, I love the morning hour and would much rather spend it at home.

On good days the trip to Hamburg takes 75 minutes, on bad days, like during  last week it can take up to almost 2 hours. There is almost always a traffic jam in the inner city and last week, shortly after 09.00 am traffic was so slow that I could take some pictures from the car. They show the Alster, the inner part of it, and in the background you can see Hamburg’s city hall. P1030090My way then leads past the main station and after that it is only a few minutes uP1030093ntil I have reached the office:





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