North German Impressions: View across some of Hamburg’s harbour

If you visit Hamburg it is worth climbing the stepts onto the roof of this office building, Dockland. It is build to look like as ship, and you get a phantastic view across Hamburg’s harbour. The building itself is fascinating, when you google Dockland Hamburg you will come across many really great photos of it to get an idea what it really looks like.

Dockland Hamburg

It was a very cold and windy day  when I went up there with a friend visiting from the South, and since we had planned to go out afterwards we were not dressed for the weather and freezing terribly. So these photos are just a glimpse into what there is to see when you climb the 142 stairs up. Hamburger Hafen mit Köhlbrandbrücke im HIntergrund

Hamburger Hafen

North German impressions

Sunset at the Hamburg harbour, taken near the fishmarket just two weeks ago



If you would like to see more photos of Hamburg, you should have a look at this blog:

This person is posting new photos almost every day,  and even though I consider myself knowing Hamburg well, he is often  surprising  me with unusual aspects and angles of the city and it’s people.