PDchallenge: Writing


When I was a little girl I wrote stories about a girl called Manon and her friend, a squirrel, Nobody wanted to read the stories, so I quit writing stories.

When I was a very young woman, I dreamed about having six children,  a house at the sea  and making a living by writing children’s book. I never met a man who wanted six children with me and while I was at university children’s books didn’t appeal to me.

When I lived abroad I met a man who was a writer. I tried to write poems but found I didn’t have any talent for it.

All my life I have been keeping a diary. During a big change in my life I threw all diaries I had written between the age of 11 and 40 into a trash bin. Two years later I started writing diaries again.

The idea of being a writer appeals to me. I imagine myself getting up early in the morning, going on a walk with the dog, brewing some nice strong coffee and then sitting down at my computer writing some extremely intelligent, mind-shattering  article or chapter of some book while looking out into my garden. ‘After writing for some hours I am getting up to go to a yoga class or to prepare some nice, healthy meal, reading a bit, walking the dog and dropping in at a fried or working in the garden and then maybe writing a little bit more. Now and then  going into the city to talk to the editor or to give a lecture or interview.

No, I am not a writer, I just like the idea of leading a life as described above. I have no stories to tell and I am not an expert on anything. I am aware that most writers do not live as described above.  I am writing two blogs to please myself. The German blog helps me to clear my mind by expressing my thoughts on things that have been on my mind that week,  and this one helps me to focus on other things than the ones I deal with at work. I am happy when somebody reads and likes what I am writing, because like everybody else I like attention.  I like to read what other people are writing and it fascinates me to get a glimpse into other people’s life and reading is my true passion. I love reading stories others have written.