Saturday, 10th of May, 1 pm

One day, one world project, hosted by Northwest Frame of Mind 


It’s raining, and instead of being outside, puzzling in the garden, my partner and I are talking about summer holidays. We will, as most years, go to Norway, where we have a small cabin on the tiny island, Runde,  my partner grew up on.

We are discussing which route we want to take this year. Shall we sail with the ferry from Kiel to Oslo, whicht takes 19 hours and is difficult for the dog, or shall we go to Hirtshals in Denmark and take the fast-going ferry to Larvik? Alternatively we could take another ferry to Stavanger or Bergen or we could start our journey in Kristiansand/Norway which would mean driving 1.200 km to get to the island.

We haven’t come to a conclusion yet, but we agreed that we would not drive straight North to reach our place, but to take our time and explore areas we haven’t been to before. Most likely we will start the trip in the second half of July.

Just making plans made me feel like being on holidays already. and I have been in a happy mood since 1 pm on Saturday. Here are some photos my partner took on some of our former trips to Norway:


Bilder von Kamera.22.12.2007 179


Saturday, 3rd of May, 12 pm

One day, one world project, hosted by Northwest Frame of Mind 


It was exactly 12 pm when the local voluntary fire brigade started testing their  sirens. They always do it at precisely 12 pm on a Saturday.  I was just putting on my left sock.

“What a trivial thing to do, when I promised to post what I was doing at this time of the day”, I thought. I was in a rush to get ready, as we had planned to  leave before 12.00 pm to visit an aunt of mine living on the other side of Schleswig-Holstein. Instead, at 12.00 pm,  my hair was still wet from the shower and I needed to get dressed.

I managed to be ready at 12.20 and on the way to the car I noticed that the big chestnut trees in our and the neighbours garden are getting leaves. They are the kind that produce sweet chestnuts,and  rare in North Germany, There were clouds forming above us and wind coming up and I was glad to get into the car.

Chestnut tree in our and the neighbour's front garden on a stormy May day
Chestnut tree in our and the neighbour’s front garden on a stormy May day