Sunday in Lüneburg

Today started with sunshine and spring in the air, so the dog and I took a morning walk through the park, admiring the wood anemones.

Since the pandemic began life has become a bit monotonous. Most days I am communiting between our home, the foodstores and the job in Hamburg. On workdays I walk the dog around the neighborhood, at the weekends we explore the parks and woods nearby.

Today I felt for seing people and celebrating spring with a big icecream and SH, my partner, and I set off to some of our favorite places in Lüneburg. There are some magnificent magnolia trees in the yard of the old townhall and we were happy to see that they are in full bloom. Just a few meters away is the courtyard of the library and the entrance to the children’s library. That was my favorite place while growing up, each book a promise of adventures …

From there it is not far to walk to the “Stint”, as the streets around the river Ilmenau are called. There you will find most of Lüneburg’s night life, but it is also lovely to sit in one of the many outdoor cafés and restaurants. However, most of the are closed now, but it is allowed to sell food and drinks to take away. As you can see, that’s what a lot of people do, and even though we are wearing masks most of the time and cannot enjoy meals in restaurants it is still possible to have a good time.

We did have an icecream – white chocolate with cranberries and yoghurt with sallow thorn (Sanddorn – I hope my dictionary is reliable 🙂 ). It was so yummy that I forgot to take a photo.

All that walking left us hungry and guess what we are having tonight. We do have to support our local restaurants during the pandemic, don’t we?

Impressions from North Germany and Norway

Since moving to Lüneburg SH’s health declined and going on trips including longer walks have not been possible anymore.
I am now living just a few minutes away from my 82-year-old mother, and my lovely little granddaughter, who is going to be 3 soon. Many Sundays are spent with family and I enjoy being close to them.

I am turning 60 in November and maybe it is getting older and maybe it’s the the demands at work that have increased, but I have started feeling more tired after work and have a much bigger need for just relaxing and charging my batteries at the weekends. As a result of all of the above, I have lacked in time and inspiration for blogging. At the same time I missed it.

The purpose of my blog is to give you a glimpse into everyday life in (North) Germany. SH claims, the area around Lüneburg is boring compared to Schleswig – Holstein, where we lived before. In his eyes the North German landscape is boring compared to the exciting landscape of Norway, his home country. I agree that Norway’s nature is dramatic and breathtaking. North Germany is pretty flat, great for cycling and walking, but we have nice coasts and lot’s of forests.

Still, you can’t really compare the two countries. Norway has just around 5 Million inhabitants, Germany more than 80 millions, of which almost 8 million live in Lower Saxony. There are seven bigger cities in Lower Saxony alone. We live in a rather small town, Lüneburg, with a bit more than 70 000 inhabitants in the Northeast of Lower Saxony, close to the former border to East Germany and just 50 km Southeast of Hamburg.

In Norway a town with 70 000 inhabitants is considered big and will have the flair of a big citiy. In Germany you will find towns that size idyllic, but rather sleepy.

I love the combination of water and mountains and the clear colours of Norway, but I also love the mellow landscape here, the brickwork of the old houses and the farmland.

Now that autumn and winter are coming I will revive this blog and show you pictures of the area I live in. At the same time I will include I will include photos and texts about Norway, and the area SH grew up in and which I visit at least once a year and have grown to love, too.


From the end of September to mid October we often have warm, sunny days. Perfect for walking and enjoying the abundance of autumn colours.

The landscape aroung Lüneburg ist pretty and mellow but far from spectacular. Therefore I have learnt to look at details, small, pretty things that will perhaps not catch your eye when you are stunned by terrific mountains or thundorous waves.

This weekend I have been looking out for berries, the kind you find hidden in many garden hedges or near overgrown paths in abondoned parks. Aren’t they pretty?