On our way to Schwerin we passed the small town Ludwigslust in Mecklenburg – Vorpommern. The beautiful little town is still being restored. 41 years of the communist regime of East Germany had left it in a desolate state. When I first saw the castle about 20 years ago, the sandstone was black and the castle about to fall down. Looking at the castle and it’s surrounding today is a delight. See for yourself:

Discovering Rehna

We are having beautiful summer weather  and I  was lucky that the other day my job took me to Schwerin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern . Coming off the motorway I passed some nice rural landscape with idyllic small villages. In one of them a sign pointing to a monastry caught my eye. I was lucky that the conference ended early and on the way home I stopped to check out that small place called Rehna.

It turned out to be a sleepy little town with nicely restored old houses. What impressed me were the artfully painted doors, of which you will see some in the gallery:

The entrance to the monastry, which dates back to the early 13th century was easy to find. There was a small building where some information was available and the man in the shop encouraged me to just take my time and explore the monastry on my own. He was a member of the local society looking after the monastry and its garden, and he took his time to explain to me how the old cranes (you will find a photo of them in the galery) were used to build the tower. He also mentioned, that even though very old mural paintings were discoverd already in 1960, the party (Rehna is in the former GDR) used it as a shooting stand for the young pioneers. The restoration of the monastry is not finished yet, but everywhere I looked I could see how  caring and lovingly the people of Rhena are looking after this treasure.

I spent about three hours in Rehna, finishing the trip with a big icecream and a firm resolution to return to this part of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern soon to discover more of its beautiful places. I hope you will enjoy the photos of the monastry: