Blogging from A – Z: Catching up with nature

Blogging from A – Z

I am late, but I am not giving up. Being busy with visitors, family events and some chaos at work I have not had any inspiration whatsoever for blogging. But today, still early in the morning I will catch up with you, going backwards from N to I.

I love nature. I define nature as that what has not been manmade, but created by something bigger than ourselves.  Being out  on a long walk in nature is all I need to calm down after a difficult day at work. There are so many amazing things to find when you keep your eyes open. I am fasnzinated by mushrooms for instance. They come in so many shapes and colours:

The landscape in North Germany is rather flat, not as wild and rough and beautiful as in Norway, where my partner is coming from. In Norway I often find nature rather majestic:


Walking through parks and gardens I am struck by the variety and abundance of leaves. They come in so many shapes and sizes, and varieties of green.

Nature is more creative than any human mind. Look at the Kannensteinen at the coast of Norway for instance:


Yes, I find joy in nature. Walking barefoot on wet grass, leaning against  stormy winds, throwing myself into waves, smelling the delicate scent of roses, nature provides endless sources of joy and feeling alive.


Nature has been a source of inspiration for many artists. Think of all the great paintings and phantastic music that have been inspired by nature. Smetana’s Moldau for instance, or some of Emil Nolde’s great paintings. I found inspiration for this post when I was out with the dog this morning, finding signs of spring everywhere.