03:00 to 04.00 am – being home again

Last weekend we came back from Norway. The ferry took us to Denmark, where we arrived around 07.30 pm. We reached home shortly after 02.00 am. The house seemed smaller than I remembered and even though it was dark it was possible to see that everything in the garden had grown a lot.

We were tired and at the same time excited to be home again, not able to go to bed straight away and it was after 03.00 am when we finally went to bed, the sound of driving still in our ears. While drifting to sleep  I envisioned the lovely landscape, the sea and the mountains of Norway….. where the sun is getting ready to raise around 04.00 am in the morning. 

Taken in 2010 when we left our cabin shortly before 04.00 am.
Taken in 2010 when we left our cabin shortly before 04.00 am.

Saturday, 10th of May, 1 pm

One day, one world project, hosted by Northwest Frame of Mind 


It’s raining, and instead of being outside, puzzling in the garden, my partner and I are talking about summer holidays. We will, as most years, go to Norway, where we have a small cabin on the tiny island, Runde,  my partner grew up on.

We are discussing which route we want to take this year. Shall we sail with the ferry from Kiel to Oslo, whicht takes 19 hours and is difficult for the dog, or shall we go to Hirtshals in Denmark and take the fast-going ferry to Larvik? Alternatively we could take another ferry to Stavanger or Bergen or we could start our journey in Kristiansand/Norway which would mean driving 1.200 km to get to the island.

We haven’t come to a conclusion yet, but we agreed that we would not drive straight North to reach our place, but to take our time and explore areas we haven’t been to before. Most likely we will start the trip in the second half of July.

Just making plans made me feel like being on holidays already. and I have been in a happy mood since 1 pm on Saturday. Here are some photos my partner took on some of our former trips to Norway:


Bilder von Kamera.22.12.2007 179