Fright Night

What is the thing you are most afraid to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

I am living in a part of the world with hardly any dangers. We do not have very poisonous snakes or insects in Germany, there have been some sightings of wolves recently, but they are rare and afraid of people. Now and then in Autumn there might be heavy storms and some rivers flooding in spring, but few people get injured or killed when that happens.

What bothers me most, are rather trivial things:

  • To damage the company car. I am a good driver, but I have difficulties with small spaces. I am working in the city center and each morning I have to drive down a steep decline into this very narrow garage. I have damaged my car more than once doing so, and each time I have to go to my boss and confess to my lack of driving skills. Each time there is  a smirk on his face and I feel I can just here him thinking: “typical woman driver”. Still, I need to park, and I need to get to work and back again. Therefore I face this challenge each day.
  • Going on steep rollercoasters with loops. It frightens me terribly, just looking at those things my stomach cramps up and my palms get sweaty.  But when  my boys were begging and pleading to ride on them, I simply couldn’t say no. They needed an adult to accompany them, otherwise they were not allowed to go onto those things. So I went, kept my eyes closed during the ride and prayed. But then the boys wanted to go again, and again, and again….After about 10 rides I actually started to enjoy the rides.
  • Facing the next electricity bill. Prices on electricity and heating costs have gone up enormously during the last years and the papers are full of articles warning about more price increases during the next months. We got an old house with bad isolation, my  partner loves having three computers running at the same time, and I love to have warm feet. So, each year, we are paying more, and more and more and I am worried about the day when  we will simply have to realise, that our house is too costly.

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