If you feel for a short Sunday morning trip you will always find a flea market somewhere in the area. My partner and I like browsing them, looking for things to decorate  the garden with or unusual things for the house.

I got some old zinc bathtubs I use on the terrace for flowers, and we got some old cartwheels hanging on the walls. My partner likes old brewery signs and I love looking for old  cookbooks and books on how to run a household and keep your husband happy, written in the fifties or even before. Mind, I never follow the advice, I hate housekeeping, and am extremely glad I am living in an age with dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and the like. Once I found old editions of Time Life Magazine from the 1952 on a flea market in Kiel. They were interesting  to read and I loved the fotos of the women in their glamorous dresses!

Not all of the flea markets are interesting, These days you will seldom find some nice antique for a low price. It’s mainly people from around the area selling what they don’t need any more. Toys, books, records, old magazines and loads of clothes in all sizes and styles. In between you will find things our parent’s and grandparent’s generation liked, especially tablecloths, glasses and plates. Between all the private sellers are some professionals, selling household items like brushes, yarn, sweets, buttons, spices and cheap clothes that will fall apart after the first wash. Of course you will find plenty of stalls to buy chips, Bratwurst, ice cream, and fritters, and it is a must to have something to eat while you are there.  Since it is winter, most flea markets are indoors now, with only the toughest standing outside.

We didn’t find anything interesting today, but the sausages  we had, were  really nice,fatty and delicious!

2 thoughts on “Fleamarket

    1. Fleamarkets are great,and I love all those people there, treasure hunting, arguing about prices, trying to talk you into buying something..

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