Sunday afternoon treat

You know that niggling feeling, when the image of something sweet is hovering on your mind and you can just about taste what you fancy.   Today I just had to have a Rumkugel. So when I passed the bakery on the way home  from a long walk in bleak weather  I was happy to see they had nice big ones waiting for me.

15 minutes later I settled down with a tea and these billions of calories:

Sunday afternoon treat
Sunday afternoon treat

You can get Rumkugeln anywhere in Germany, but they are small and more like  chocolate truffles. It is only in North Germany you will get these big ones in the bakeries. I remember buying one each Saturday when my mother sent me for bread. They cost only 10 Pfennig then, and later, as schoolkids we liked to spend our pocket money on them.

There was a rumor among us kids that the baker made ‘Rumkugeln’ by sweeping off the crumbs of cakes and bread from the tables and the floor, before mixing them together with rum and chocolate. Truth is, these things are made of leftover cake. That’s why the taste is never the same. I have found f. i. cherries, walnuts, pieces of apple and bits with cinnamon taste  in them. Sometimes they are very soft inside, sometimes a bit more dry. One ingredient however is rum. Not much, and most likely these days it is rum aroma, but that is a must. I suspect our baker is using cream, most likely with some melted dark chocolate mixed in, cocoa powder, castor sugar and  maybe some egg. Then it is all mixed together and rolled (kugeln) around in chocolate sprinkles.


9 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon treat

  1. Rumkugeln are not my favorites, but you remind me of my frustration with bakeries in South Germany. They have Brezeln for sure, and Torten, but they just do not sell a decent Butterhörnchen. You know, the ones with melted sugar inside or on the bottom.

  2. Mmmm…..the ‘Rumkugeln’ sounds delicious! I remember going to the bakery with my Oma. I remember her getting something with strawberries on top and a shiny clear red jelly kind of topping. I was 4.

    1. That sounds good! There are some things, like Kaffeebrot, a long thing with sugar coating and tasting a bit like a sweet rusk (zwieback) I remember having in the afternoons as a snack. I know only one bakery that still sells these things and when I am in Lüneburg, where I come from, I pay that bakery a visit.Strange, how many childhood memories have to do with food, isn’t it?

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