Great expectations

The Gift

The little girl was happy. She was standing in the living room looking expectantly at her father. He held two beautifully wrapped parcels in his hands. Her mother was smiling, looking happy and relaxed. The sun was shining into the room and the little girl felt excited. She wondered which one of the parcels would be for  her. When her father handed her the bigger one her heart started beating a little faster. Was it possible that she would find the pretty doll with the brown hair and blue eyes in it. The one  she had been longing for since she first saw it in the shop?

She thanked her father and started unwrapping the parcel. She took off the gift wrapping carefully, then opened the large box. Paper rustled and she felt around the box, surprised to find another parcel. She pulled it out and it, too, was wrapped in beautiful paper. She opened the box, which was still big enough to hold a doll. There was yet another box. Getting a little impatient she ripped off the paper just to find another box waiting for her. And another, until only a small box was left. The little girl felt insecure now. What could be in such a  tiny box?  A ring? Or a bracelet?

She looked at her father. He was grinning. She opened the last parcel and stared at the thing inside. Her happy smile faded and her face started to crumble as she looked at the tiny piece of black liquorice lying on a white tissue.

The little girl tried not to cry. She felt ashamed for  not being able to hide her disappointment.

Her father laughed and made  some comment about her face and being greedy. Her mother scolded him for it still holding her own parcel. The father was still laughing when he left the room.


This was written as a response to the DP weekly writing challenge.



7 thoughts on “Great expectations

  1. This is a wonderfully told story about a very cruel event. You managed to create the girl’s mood and the transformation from delight to painful disappointment. If this happened to you, and I suspect it did, I offer the little girl in your past a hug.

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